Terms of Service

1. About these terms
These terms (Terms of Service) create an agreement between GaLboa Inc. (referred as Galboa, we, our and us) and our users (referred to as user, you, your, their) for all the Products and Services we provide. By continuing to use any future updated, revised editions or different versions of our Services, you will be automatically agreeing to these terms.

2. About accessing and playing our games
Users must follow the conditions stipulated in these terms.
Users must consent to the conditions in the privacy policy, if you don’t consent with these terms or the privacy policy please don’t install or use the application.
Sometimes a registration of an account is required.
When there is an Individual Terms of Use agreement, users must follow the conditions stipulated in Individual Terms of Use as well as the Term of Service.
If the user is a minor, the user’s legal guardian must give consent to the purchase and use of the virtual currency, points, items, and paid services (all referred to as virtual currency below) and consent to use the application(including the terms of service)

3. Changes to these Terms
We reserve the right to update these terms, the individual term of use and our privacy policy any time at our discretion and without prior notification. By continuing to use our service, you are agreeing to the new terms.

4. User conduct and content The user confirms that copyrights and intellectual property rights of our services belong to GaLboa or to the licenser of those rights.
The user must bear the responsibility and the cost of their device, mobile phone, communication equipment, operating system, and means of communication and power, etc.
Except for some parts of our service and contents, our services are free but you are responsible for the internet connection and/or mobile charges that you may incur for accessing and/or using our services.
When a user registers information (including email addresses and passwords) to use a service, it is voluntary, and the user is responsible for managing that information.
The user is responsible for managing their own registration information, and GaLboa doesn’t bear responsibility for any loss or disadvantage the user may suffer from their own inaccuracy or falsification.
When a password is required to be registered, the user must accept full responsibility for the consequences of improper use of this password.
We reserve the right to delete your account any time for any reason.
Even if a user accidentally deletes their account, accounts are unable to be restored.
The user hold the rights to their account. Users can’t give, pass on, transfer or loan any the user’s rights to a third party.

5. Intellectual property The intellectual property rights of copyrighted material either belong to us of we have licensed it from third parties. Copyright is protected by Japanese copyright law and treaties with other countries. Any suggestions, creative ideas, or other content, which the user submits to us may be used without the user's consent or compensation.

6. Prohibitions To use our service users must follow all the following prohibitions. With reasonable judgement, if GaLboa decides that something a user does something that is prohibited, this will be considered a serious violation of these terms and without notification the applicable part will be removed and/or the user’s service may be suspended.
If it is judged necessary to protect our rights or assets, or a criminal offence is committed. A user’s login, mobile device, and service connection information and other user information may be provided to the court, Public Prosecutor's Office, police, local authority as well as other organizations with legal authority.
1. The alteration or falsification of user registration and application information, or the impersonation another person or entity (including GaLboa, GaLboa affiliated companies and collaborating companies).
2. Sharing user identification, password, information and data with other users and/or third parties.
3. Using improperly acquired or generated user identification, passwords and information.
4. Violation of any intellectual property right or other proprietary right of others.
5. Damage of another person or entity’s reputation, privacy or trust, through slander and discrimination.
6. Post or send any obscenity, cruelty, discrimination or comments that offend another person. 7. Violation of the proprietary rights, intellectual property rights, reputation or personality rights of GaLboa, other users and/or third parties (this includes posting messages from Galboa support center to blogs, etc.).
8. Harm or hinder GaLboa, other users and/or third parties.
9. Accumulation of third party personal information.
10. Public order crime, breach of laws and ordinances, and also instigation, aiding and abetting or other criminal acts.
11. Any acts, including instigation, aiding and abetting that lead to self-injurious behavior or suicide.
12. Minors (under 18) posting messages in order to form an association with other minors of the opposite gender and adults posting messages in order to form an association with minors of the opposite gender.
13. Any acts, including instigation, aiding and abetting that lead to crime.
14. Using the contents of our service for commercial purposes, outside of our service without our consent.
15. Promotion and the selling goods or services.
16. Using our service for commercial purposes without our prior permission in writing.
17. Improper access of our servers, or attempting to access our servers, indiscriminately leaving a massive access history.
18. Purposely causing malfunctions with our service.
19. Analysis, reproduction, duplication, alteration, supplementation, transformation or secondary use, either in its entirety or in part, of our service or the software we use.
20. Developing or the distribution of tools to miss use our service.
21. Use our service for election campaign, political party solicitation or any other political activity.
22. Religion, race, gender, ethnos, civil liberties and prejudice activity , or the commercial activity, propagation, solicitation for religion.
23. Analysis, reverse engineering, coupling, transformation of our system (including programs and tools, etc.).
24. Defamation or circulation of dissatisfaction of our service, degrading our reputation.
25. Other actions that we have announced to the user, that we have judged that are to be prohibited.

7. Changes, suspension and termination of our services.
For the following reasons we may need to alter, limit, suspend, or terminate the provision or operation of our services without prior user notice or consent.
Failure or urgent maintenance of the equipment needed to operate or provide our services.
War, insurrection, riot, labor trouble, earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, tsunami, power failure, other states of emergency, acts of God or other times we judge operational difficulty.
For technical reasons we may judge suspension of service operations is necessary.
And for other reasons than the preceding, at our discretionary judgement, we may cease parts of, or the entire service without the users consent.
We can’t accept responsibility for any damages as a result from any changes, limits, suspension or terminations.

8. General Disclaimer
This service is offered under the conditions that, excluding the case that it is determined by law, we are not responsible for any damages a user causes to themselves.
We are not responsible for any damages or disputes between users, and between users and third parties.
We can’t guarantee the continued existence of a service, contents and the way of providing a service.
We can’t guarantee that our content or from a legal perspective, that our services free from explicit or implied flaws. We are not responsible for the removal of a user’s perceived flaws.

9. Restitution
In the event a user’s actions causes us to suffer loss, or a user’s actions causes a third to party to claim damages against us and we suffer loss, we can claim restitutions and will require immediate payment.
If a dispute between a user and a third party causes us to suffer loss, the concerned user must compensate us for any damages.

10. Methods of Contact
If we need to contact users concerning a service, we will post the information to the appropriate place on our website in addition to any other contact methods we deem suitable. If a user needs to contact us concerning a service, please use the established form in the appropriate place on our website unless advised otherwise.

11. Governing law, court of competent jurisdiction
These terms are based on Japanese Law, if a dispute arises between GaLboa and a user, we will consult with the party concerned in good faith. If a resolution cannot be settled, Tokyo District Court will have original and exclusive jurisdiction.

These terms were last updated on 9 September 2015
GaLboa Inc.