Casinos are the best party hubs in the world that provide the adrenaline to feel lucky and powerful while enjoying your time with a socially active crowd. Behind the bright lights and nightlife of casinos, there are plenty of secrets that they keep from their guests. These secrets are not to be said to anyone. But, some former dealers shared their experiences of working in the casinos and here is what they had to reveal.

Casinos always win

The reason why regular gamblers still prefer to visit the casinos to gamble is that they know that casinos are taking way more money from people than what they give out. Gamblers do not get the same thrill from playing with friends when they beat big casinos to take money from them. Casino games should always be taken as an entertainment option. When it becomes a compulsion to win, people keep losing more money, adding to the bankroll of casinos.

Every game is different

Every game inside the casino is different in offering odds and having a house edge. Some of the games, like slot machines, have the lowest odds, which are basically money-making machines for the casinos. The odds also differ with each other in every casino. The games which offer higher payouts can have a higher price as well, which many people forget to consider.

You can steal from the casino

Not to be taken in a literal sense, but you can actually enjoy bonuses and other offers from casinos without having to spend a dime on the games. You can visit a casino and enjoy the free entertainment that you get as a compliment as the casinos assume that you will play at your own time. Apart from that, you can actually visit the bar and restaurant and try out some delicious buffet at best deals as the casinos want you to keep more for the games.

Casinos are designed, so you stay longer

Casinos are planned in a strategic way so that the guests never feel like leaving. The trippy floors, paintings on the walls, music, slot sounds, maze type layouts, and comfortable seatings are meant to make you stay longer. You will also realize that there are no windows or clocks inside the casinos. This is because they never want you to worry about day or night when you are playing.

Some games can help you win

There are only a limited number of games which can be influenced by strategies in order to win. There are some games which offer the lowest house edge. Blackjack has the lowest house edge of 1%, which can be further reduced with strategies. Other benefitting games for players are baccarat, poker, and roulette. You can also find some loose slots which can offer you better wins, but these machines will be hidden in the corners so that the casinos do not face greater losses.